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Links to all Exercises done in CIS 67, Foundations to Creating Web Pages

On this web page are links to all of the exercises I have done in the Sierra College course Foundations to Creating Web Pages. Included above each link is a brief description of what the exercise was about, and what information the exercise may include. After clicking a link and going to an exercise, right click on the page and select "view source code." A page will open that will show all the HTML code.

Exercise 1 deals with placing images on a web page and hypertext linking. Uses of links on the same page, and to other pages.

Exercise 2.1 demonstrates the use of Meta Tags. Deals with the use of keywords, description, and title.

How to use meta tags to define a web page as having information on topography.

Exercise 3.1 explains the most basic tags for creating tables. Includes information on columns, rows, widths, and borders.

More information on basic table tags. Includes captions, cell spacing and padding, and colspan/rowspan.

More information on tables. Now learn about using the summary tag, tbody, thead, and tfoot. The lecture on this exercise includes information on table frames and table rules.

Still more information on tables. Included is td.footer and caption as class files.

Exercise 5.1 is done in regards to CSS Inline Styles. Inline Style affects only the item for which it is designed.

Exercise 5.2 includes more Inline Styles, links on same page and to a different page with style added, numbered or bulleted list, different text and background colors, borer, image and a table.

Exercise 6.1 is all about Embedded Styles. Use class files that start with a period (.), remember that id files start with the # symbol.

Learn how to create a Linked Styles Sheet. Create one look that can be used time and again by linking your page to a style sheet.

Learn how to create a Linked Styles Sheet. Create one look that can be used time and again by linking your page to a style sheet.

This exercise deals with positioning text and an images.Text is placed at various places on the page in a variety of styles in relation to an image.

A very usefull exercise on image maps. Use coordinates to define areas on an image to create links of those areas.

This exercise is all about using iFrames on web pages. An iFrame is a "page within a page." It opens a square hole in a web page through which another web page can be viewed.

This page contains tips on making a web page available to browsers used by those who may have issues with hearing and or sight, for example.

Valuable tips and tricks to HTML coding.

Some helpful information and links.

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"8 Strange Earth Changes That May Threaten Civilization," Activist, web, May 19, 2011.